• Amberlyn How

Yoga is HARD and I don't know how to Stretch.

If you think yoga is hard and you do not know / are unsure how to stretch, please keep on reading this. This is about the Basic Yoga Stretch 2.0 which will tell you what you will expect and learn if you are a total beginner, newbie or experienced beginner.

Some sharing here on our Basic Yoga Stretch 1.0

We had our very first batch in March. With the initial 12-week sessions, due to MCO, it was being postponed and finally we came to the completion on 6 September. From 9 people in a group, it was only two of them successfully completed the whole program, literally 12 sessions without miss. Not because of the intensity of the program, but some were due to unexpected injury, and some due to personal matter despite of paying full course fees. Undoubtedly, the two ladies who completed their BYS 1.0 with me and now I am truly happy they are on their own journey to further the yoga practice.

When I planned to start the course again for BYS 2.0, one goal in my mind: Yoga is for Everyone.

The very first batch of the members are the best witness of themselves, they could see how far they have gone because of their own intent to make the first step in yoga.

Sometimes it just needs a second of thought to tell yourself: Let's try yoga. It may make a difference to your life since then.

In this BYS 2.0, no more 12 sessions, it will be condensed into 8 sessions with 90-minute. If those feel that basic yoga classes that you are joining right now, you feel yourself could not follow the speed or pace OR find it hard in breathing and doing the poses correctly, we welcome you to experience the Basic Yoga Stretch 2.0.

It is a program where you will not follow the flow, but a sequence of pose-by-pose explanation and step-by-step guidance in anatomical way. Here the program to be:

Part 1: Yoga for Every Body

Session 1: Breathing - Standing Back bend - Standing Forward Bend - Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)

Session 2: Yoga-styled Plank - Ashtang Namaskar (8-limbed pose) - Cobra

Session 3: Downward Facing Dog - Full Flow of Sun Salutation in Hatha-styled

Part 2: Master Basic Yoga

Session 1: Spine Matters

Session 2: Time for Hip Flexors

Session 3: Foundation in Yoga

Session 4: Balancing with Strength

Session 5: Deepen Your Stretch with Alignment