• Amberlyn How

Skip Your Yoga/Workout because of Hygiene? Here You Go.

Is article title the pain point you are having now? We knew the growing concern on alarming health issue happening worldwide now, we have no choice but to cancel our trips, postpone our plan and/or even skip most of the activities in our life. This article shares some stories, insights and tips you might want to know more for your yoga practice.


Did you experience sometimes when you were in a yoga session, you tried hard but still lost your focus? In the end, you felt you could do better or even you could reach a higher state of awareness in your own body. You might start questioning yourself or even doubt yourself. If you believe in energy, there is one saying "transfer of energy". The yoga mat that the person used in previous session might have just created his or her own energy and when you came, the energy was reformed.

In yoga, teacher once said yoga practice is a spiritual and individual journey. When one practices yoga on yoga mat, it is believed that one will create his or her own energy while practicing. Sharing the yoga mat with other may eventually transfer the energy to another person. That is why we should avoid step onto another person's yoga mat as it will be a situation as if one steps into your house with the shoes in Asian countries. Yoga mat is said to be an intimate part of one's practice. If it is just a training session, it will not be applicable as we are learning together, not creating any energy form in very own journey. However, all above are just the point of view from yoga perspective.

In today's world, especially at this juncture, we should know the correct way to use and take care of the yoga mat as well as our health. When you sweat during the practice session, yoga mat is the layer that absorbs your energy as well as your sweat. Here is where yoga mat is believed to be a good incubator for the bacteria. Even if you do not use the public yoga mat, your own yoga mat may not as clean as you think. Rethink how you take care of your yoga mat every time after your yoga or sweating session. Spray and roll up? Or roll up immediately?

Owing to the global health and hygiene concerns, disinfectants and sanitzers are literally out of stock everywhere in the market. It affects a lot of people, businesses, operations, logistics and lifestyles. The very first biggest concern popped into my mind was my regular visit to gym and yoga teaching. We definitely do not wear masks while working out and practicing yoga. How and what is the best way to reduce the impact and keep ourselves safe and sound?

Here are the suggested solutions that might work for you, me and anyone from different lifestyles.

Avoid using public equipments or tools. If there is no choice, use the disinfectant to spray and wipe with clean cloth on the item(s) before you use and remember to do the same for the comfort of next user. - see The New York Times
Avoid going to gym and/or yoga when you feel unwell. Even with few times of cough and/or sneeze or feeling heat in the body (not sure whether or not is fever), just try to take a good rest and boost up your own immune system before going to a crowded place again. - World Health Organization
Bring along hand sanitizer and/or alcohol-based wet tissues if you have one, complementing your action with more frequent hand washing with soap. Remember to dry your hands right after hand washing. - see Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Just few weeks ago prior to the outbreak of the global health issue, I myself came across to know some essential oils. To be frank, I started to fall in love with them. Not only the scent is so calming, relaxing and soothing, each type of essential oil has its own natural powerful benefits that will amaze you. I am a person who do not use and do not like perfumes, but essential oil is the one I found so so good in many ways that I will keep using to promote good energy of myself and every reader here.