• Amberlyn How

Private Yoga for You, You and You

Everyone is believed to have get used to the new norms now. Studios practice SOP and students knew better than the teachers about the physical social distancing at class. More and more requests from students looking for private yoga classes and I don't know why. Finally, I found out the reasons from members.

I am willing to spend some money now to get my physical body health back in shape. I am so young and a lot of body aches here and there — B.
I have been stopped yoga for a while because of MCO, now I am with my gang of friends looking at losing weight and toning up. — J.
I knew my shoulders are really tight. I just want to get it right. — G.
I am not sure I am doing it right at group class, just want to try few private sessions to get the alignments right. — K.

Students who come to private yoga session, they will have their own goals and objectives. No matter it is to fix certain body postures or muscles, or just purely enjoying their own personal practice time without being interrupted by other students.

Private class is always different from group class. Group class is based on the teacher's preferred yoga flow, scheduled program and lesson plan of the day. In private class, whatever the teacher going to deliver in the session is all based on the student's specific body condition and student's objectives in practicing yoga. Students have their own expectations and that is why they are here for private class. The image on the left is how each session is planned and what I tried to focus to help students to work on or improve. It's a focused practice with personalized yoga poses in a flow based on student's progress.

I agree "Yoga for all bodies", but not to all at one time. The same yoga asana/pose, student A needs to take the variation 1, while student B can perfectly pose it and student C can go for another variation to deepen his/her practice. In group class, students are well aware of their body and comfort level. For any yoga poses they feel they can go more, they try or choose the options they think their body allows to do so. That makes the difference in the group class!

For private class, the most common feedback I heard is that "I couldn't follow the class, the group class is too fast". The interest in private yoga class is even stronger after MCO lifted as people started to notice their body heath when they spend more time at home. Work-from-home may be subconsciously telling you, you are one step away from your work. You can start your work straight away when you open your eyes and unlock your phone screen in your bed. It can be a good thing or might be a bad thing if you prioritize work-life balance.

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