• Amberlyn How

Hi, I am Amberlyn.

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

The first move to create this website, telling people who is Amberlyn needs a huge effort and great courage from me.

I am a reserved person. I do not like to talk much when I feel the environment is not comfortable or the vibes are not right. The moment I decided to create this website by telling my own story and officially start my yoga journey, the mixed feelings were still in my mind when I wanted to hit "publish".

Thanks to my family and friends who support me on this journey.

From the homepage, sharing my journey to self, I did mention I passed up the opportunities in financial industry to all the way to India. I was a Senior Derivatives Dealer and being proposed to be promoted to a higher managerial position but I gave up the opportunity. Not because of the dissatisfaction of the monetary rewards, but the heart directs me to another pathway that I am on its way now.

It is about the Journey to find the Self.

I did not realize the calling is so strong till my completion of yoga teacher training course in India. The every single day and moment spent in Rishikesh, India made me felt so lovely and blessed when I had the opportunity to attend yoga classes every day. I appreciate more of having a healthy and complete body, a positive mind and a good soul. Life is too short and the life in India reminds me to think of what is my life purpose.

When growing older and wiser, I came to the stage where I realized I would not want to spend the rest of my life in doing the things that deprive my passion anymore. The life before going to India was like, forcing myself to wake up early in the morning to hop on a train to work, doing whatever tasks and ad-hoc given by boss, waiting the time to escape to gym+yoga after work. When I was in that lifestyle, the precious 4 to 5 hours left after work would be fully allocated for gym or yoga. After a simple dinner and shower at gym, it was time to bed for tomorrow's work again. This kind of lifestyle repeated 3 years plus, almost 4 years.

From a little girl once with a dream of becoming a finance or investment expertise to now, just want to live down to earth. Words are easy, actions are hard. I struggled. I confused when came to the stage where I wanted to go full force in yoga but the reality tells you, experience matters the most. No one is willing to take you in when you are new and nothing to show and prove You Can. It is all about the matter of TIME.

Experience takes time. I am blessed I was given a golden opportunity to start teaching once I came back from India as a sub instructor. From there, I built my confidence and gradually picked up everything that is needed in a class.

No matter how, I am the lucky one to be given the entry ticket to enter this new field of industry. About how to continue the journey, I feel grateful there are a lot of people, either my teachers, friends or ex-colleagues, giving their valuable piece of advice that keeps me going.

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears. - Rumi

The journey is long but I knew it is definitely worth it in the end.

P.S. I am happy to hear your story too if you're on the same journey with me!