© Journey with Amberlyn
© Journey with Amberlyn






Journey to Self


Though it is just an online yoga, instructor(s) will *record the whole session and review each member's practice after the class.


Personal guidance will be given to members, especially alignment and postures, through personal message.



Patience is a type of two-way communication. 

We love to teach beginners as it is our biggest goal to bring yoga to more people, allowing more people to learn and love their own bodies through yoga.

We are patiently, openly and equally sharing energy with you in yoga. We hope you could patiently learn, grow and witness yourself in your yoga journey with us 💖.


If turning on your video camera during your practice (publicly showing your face/body to other participants) is an issue for you, your practice with Journey to Self is no longer your concern.


A special arrangement can be done. A breakout room can be created just for you where you will be entered into another window to have real-time practice with the group, where no one can see your screen, but only the instructor.

Disclaimer: Technical issue might happen  at anytime beyond our control. We will try our best to offer the best online yoga experience.

*Member(s) in breakout room will NOT be recorded.


What to Expect

Amberlyn practices Hatha yoga.

As she graduated from her yoga teacher training in India, she has been gradually learning from different teacher from worldwide in multiple yoga style, mainly in Hatha and Vinyasa.

The flow in the session will hold a yoga asana (posture) for at least three breath before moving into another yoga asana. It involves static poses which can be gentle but at the same, it can be mentally and physically challenging.


Hatha yoga is a traditional way of practicing yoga which combines breathing (Pranayama), poses (Asana) and meditation (Dhyāna). 

Beginner yoga is introduced. Different types of classes will be gradually added to the schedule when members are mentally and physically ready.


Stay tuned.