Yoga for individuals

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Yoga for Private Individual/Group

Welcome inquiry of private session for yourself or a group of people.
Intensity: Depend
Difficulty: Depend

Yoga for Alignment

Welcome all beginners who have gained basic yoga skills to this Hatha Yoga Alignment class. This class is on a Hatha-inspired flow, suitable for all levels who love slow to medium pace.
Intensity: 2/4
Difficulty: 2/4
Every Monday |  6.30pm  |  60-min
*min 3 members to start the class
*max 8 members
© Journey with Amberlyn
© Journey with Amberlyn

Yoga for Strength

Welcome all regular practitioners to advance themselves in this class. The session in Hatha-inspired style which involves inversion and arm-balance poses in the flow.
Intensity: 3/4
Difficulty: 2/4
Every Saturday |  4pm  |  60-min
*min 2 members to start the class
*max 8 members