Stretch Your Body Right


6-week Program

3 April - 8 May 2021 | 2:00pm - 3:30pm | 90-min 

The essence of foundation in Yoga.


It is a program designed for all genders and ages to guide beginners or anyone who wants to start their yoga practise safely and correctly with step-by-step guidance from an experienced certified teacher.

We have been running BYS 1.0 back in March 2020 to BYS 2.0 in October 2020 and now here we come our BYS 3.0 to allow more people to kickstart their yoga journey with confidence by stretching the body right.

From each BYS, we enhanced and improved the learning series for a better learning outcome for all.


whom is the program designed for


Totally no idea of yoga, never even step into yoga studio for one yoga class.

Maybe I know doing

yoga = flexibility = split


Tried out a few yoga classes but I feel like the regular class is too fast for me.

Want to learn but the flow is fast and no chance to ask more

experienced beginner

Have been going for yoga classes for some time, no idea having the right or wrong alignment

I stuck at my current practice, not really mastering basic yoga enough and cant go further from here

Part 1: Week 1 - 3


Learn to appreciate your body and your breath by embarking your own journey to witness how far your inner strength could bring you to.

These three sessions help you to understand and master Sun Salutation in Hatha way.

Part 2: Week 4 - 8


Once you've built the foundation in Part 1, you'd be now ready to deepen your connection to your inner self where your body muscles, flexibility, strength, breath and mind focus gather to create the amazing you along the journey.


A fee for undivided attention in a small class size of not exceeding pax in a session.

White Satin

6-week Program


Fully reap the essence of the 6-week program.

One price for 6 sessions.

All registered paid member will be entitled to a welcome yoga props gift and a special promo code for the purchase of  HEART BEAST ™

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Single Drop-in Session


If you're not sure whether or not you can commit to the full 6 sessions, you may consider just join us at a drop-in rate. 

Strongly not advisable as the program is designed in

a sequential body stretch series.

* Pre-register is needed TWO (2) days in advance as the class may be full or changed without advance notice to drop-in students.

what you will take home

Week 1  What Yoga is

Week 2  Strength Matters

Week 3  Spine Health

Week 4  Time for Hip Flexor

Week 5  Balancing with Strength

Week 6  Deepen Your Stretch with Alignment

+ an exclusive yoga props gift

+ special promo code for the products from HEART BEAST ™ 

+ lifetime basic yoga skills with you.


the experience from ex-BYS members

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