This is Amberlyn

Amberlyn is a Registered Yoga Teacher ® 200, who has been teaching since December 2019, literally the following month once she came back from India in November. 

She changed her career path in 2019 and started all over again by taking up a master degree in Sport Science to study research in the yoga field with the goal of bringing yoga into the community. The only reason for Amberlyn to start practising yoga just because of BELIEF. Amberlyn's belief in yoga will create a better living for everyone regardless of physique, mentality or spirituality.

Amberlyn practices Hatha Yoga. She obtained her training from a traditional yoga school at Rishikesh Yog Dham, India for a month. The journey does not end there as Amberlyn continues learning yoga from worldwide teachers online. Amberlyn's style of teaching is breathing and alignment-oriented. She always emphasizes that without correct breathing, one does not really benefit from the yoga asana practice.

Along the journey, she crossed path with people from all walks of life and met Vanessa, an Ashtanga practitioner who is on the same path to discovering the self through yoga. In December 2020, Amberlyn had a Eureka idea to kickstart an online platform to continue sharing her passion for yoga and this is how Amberlyn invited Vanessa to jointly run an online yoga platform - Our Journey to Self. 

Amberlyn keeps sharing her energy and passion with more people without bounded by borders and time. In her neighbourhood, she offers regular in-person yoga sessions to help support each other accountable on this yoga journey. It is Dharma, the obligation, she believes she has the blessing to share the energy and practice with everyone through yoga practice.

Welcome you to start your Journey with Amberlyn today.

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