The same yoga asana I visit each time will always allow me to see myself through a different lens of life. Yoga empowers me to be who I am today.

- Amberlyn

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Yoga with Amberlyn

To start practising yoga, the first thing is to know your teacher. Knowing your teacher, then only from there, you know what to expect from his/her teaching.

Amberlyn's biggest goal is to guide beginners in starting yoga in their journey. This is also a little achievement after she started her own program, Basic Yoga Stretch in a physical yoga studio in March 2020.

For people who are new or totally no idea how to start yoga, Amberlyn is more than happy to offer step-by-step guidance or even hold space for people who need the courage to start.

Patience is the key in teaching and also, for the student to patiently witness their changes after a period of practice in yoga.

She made a career change from finance to yoga in 2019. To deepen the knowledge in yoga, she is now a master degree candidate in Sport Science for yoga-related research to help her community. Perhaps the benefits may spread throughout the world to help the community with an enhanced complementary approach of therapy in yoga.

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